Where to Find Gleolan

Where to Find Gleolan

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Patient Safety Information
Gleolan can cause a sunburn-type skin reaction, also referred to as photosensitivity. Do not take any drugs that may worsen this (such as St. John’s wort, griseofulvin, thiazide diuretics, sulfonylureas, phenothiazines, sulphonamides, quinolones, and tetracyclines) and do not put anything on your skin that contains aminolevulinic acid (ALA) for 24 hours before and for 24 hours after receiving Gleolan.

Errors may occur with the use of Gleolan to see tumors. Sometimes brain tumor cells may fluoresce even if they are not cancerous or those that are cancerous my not fluoresce. Also, cancer cells from other tumors or areas of swelling may fluoresce.

Serious allergic reactions to Gleolan have occurred. Your medical team should monitor you for this and should have emergency equipment ready to manage any such reaction if it occurs.